About ETOM

ETOM members holding ETOM banner.

By: Margaret Bourcier / Mott College

In 1980 fifteen Community Colleges in Michigan gathered in Lansing to discuss ways of using instructional television to make their institution’s services more available to a greater number of students.  As a result, a consortium of community colleges was established to make the selection, acquisition, and utilization of high quality telecourses a cost-effective process.  

In December of 1980 the Educational Teleconsortium of Michigan was formed. (ETOM)  Later on, the name was changed to Educational Technology of Michigan due to the demise of telecourses and the creation of new age technology in the higher education environment.    

First Executive Council: (elected) 

  • President: Lee Thornton
  • President Elect: Richard Saunders
  • Secretary: Al Sagar 
  • Treasurer: Jay Korinek 
  • Members at Large:  Bill Angus, Dick Goerz, Rob Gutek  

The first conference of the newly established consortium was held May 5, 1982 to introduce Community College Presidents and administrators to the benefits of telecourses via consortium held at Lansing Community College.  

Guest Speakers: 

  • Dr. Norman E. Watson – Chancellor of Coast Community College District in California 
  • Mr. Roger Poole – Director of Instructional Telecommunications at Dallas County Community College 
  • Mr. Chip Harris – Director of Marketing and Distribution Division for Coast Telecourses 
  • Ms. Dee Brock – Vice President of the Adult Learning Service (ALS) for the Public Broadcasting Service 

The first telecourse purchase by the consortium was “Making It Count”  which saved the members $12,270 in enrollment fees the first year. 

In 1983 ETOM began its traditional Spring and Fall Conferences which continue to this day. (2022) 

In the early 90’s the Online Teaching Certification Course (OTCC) was introduced and used as a tool by many institutions as professional development in online teaching formats.  

ETOM continues to offer professional development in the online environment at low costs to its members.  Our purpose is still to reach as many students as possible.  Technology has helped a lot, however, not everyone can teach online.  Not every student can learn online.  What ETOM does is provide instructional options.  Options for teaching online, and options for students with busy lives to continue their education.  It started with reaching students and continues with reaching students.  That focus has never changed.  How we do it has, and will. ETOM will continue to move toward being there showcasing the options.  


Your ideas and feedback are always welcome.  Let us know at:  garry@etom.org if there is a topic you would like us to talk/learn/present at future Meet Ups, Speaker Series or Conferences.  We are here to make your road easier to travel by bringing technology to you.