Advanced Online Certification Course (AOTCC)


  • Summer 2024 (May 6 – Jun 16) CLOSED
  • Fall 2024 (Oct 7 – Nov 17) Open
  • Winter 2025 (Jan 6 – Feb 16) Open
  • Summer 2025 (May 5 – Jun 15) Open


$300 (ETOM members) or $340 (non-members affiliated with an educational institution)


A six-week advanced certification for those who have completed the ETOM Online Teaching Certification Course or equivalent. In the course, we emphasize how the appropriate use of instructional technologies can enhance online learning and improve course quality as defined by the ETOM Online Course Guidelines and Rubric; and how the use and deployment of these instructional technologies does not need to be expensive or difficult to master.

Specific topics covered in this certification include:

  • Improving Quality in Online Courses
  • Increase Effectiveness in Online Teaching
  • Active Learning and Community Building
  • Multimedia Creation and Use
  • Advanced Assessment Strategies
  • Student Retention and Success

For more details (e.g. textbook, modules, time requirement), see the syllabus.

Note: The beginning, Online Teacher Certification (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for the Advanced Online Teaching Certification Modules.