Creating the Accessible Syllabus

1-2PM Nov 30, 2017

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Michigan Colleges Online Webinar

Scenario #1 – You’re one of those faculty who work hard to create and revise your syllabus. You’ve set the appropriate tone, addressed course and institutional policies, and tried to anticipate student questions (while still making the document organized and concise). Now, you’ve been told that your syllabus is not “accessible.” What does that mean? How can you fix it? Where do you get help?

Scenario #2 – You’re an academic Department Head or Dean responsible for collecting syllabi. You’ve worked hard to ensure each document addresses legal concerns, including an “Accommodation Statement.” To be honest, you don’t spend much time looking at a syllabus unless it’s for faculty evaluation or a student complaint. Now, you have to respond to an accessibility audit or complaint. You’ve been asked if all your syllabi are “accessible.” Faculty are telling you they didn’t know this was even a requirement!

In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of the “accessible” syllabus. This will include a checklist and suggested templates. You’ll be invited to follow along in Word (if you have a version that contains the Accessibility Checker) and ask questions. The webinar will be facilitated by Garry Brand, a business law professor at Grand Rapids Community College. Garry creates accessible content for his courses and teaches other faculty how to do the same.