Stories of Student Success

In our recent Quick Poll and Meet-up, we started the conversation about student success. Now, we're going to hear from those who support our students every day! Success Coordinator and


Advanced Online Certification (Canvas)

A six-week advanced certification for those who have completed the ETOM Online Teaching Certification Course or equivalent. In the course, we emphasize how the appropriate use of instructional technologies can

Online Teaching Certification (Canvas)

The Online Teaching Certification Course (OTCC) is a six (6) week online course designed to provide participants with the experience of being an online student while introducing them to the

ETOM Summer 2023 Retreat and Mini-Conference

RAM Conference Center - Higgins Lake, 104 Conservation Dr., Roscommon, MI 48653 Course Design 2030: The Future of Distance Education "Join us as we discuss high-tech in a low-tech environment