Online Teaching (Canvas)

January 11 – February 21


  • Summer 2020, Cohort 1 (May 11 – June 21) CLOSED
  • Summer 2020, Cohort 3 (June 8 – July 19) CLOSED
  • Summer 2020, Cohort 2 (July 6 – August 16) CLOSED
  • Fall (October 5 – November 15) CLOSED
  • Winter 2021 (January 11 – February 21) OPEN
  • Summer 2021, Cohort 1 (May 10 – June 20)
  • Summer 2021, Cohort 2 (July 5 – August 16)

Register for Winter 2021 by clicking on the “Register Online” link above. 


$300 (ETOM members) or $340 (non-members affiliated with an educational institution)


This six (6) week online course is designed to provide participants with the experience of being an online student while introducing them to the pedagogical and technical issues of online teaching. While participants may want to adapt their teaching materials and methods to a completely online delivery, this course is also suitable for those wishing to move only parts of their courses online (e.g. hybrid).

Course instruction is based on the quality principles/standards identified in the MCO Online Course Development Guidelines/Rubric and focuses on four main areas:

  • Orientation to online teaching and learning;
  • Designing an online course;
  • Constructing an online course and
  • Managing and supporting an online course.

Participants will follow a design process that will help them plan their online instruction for maximum effectiveness. While participants master the basic Canvas® tools, the course will focus on online teaching and can be completed regardless of what LMS your institution uses.

For more details (e.g. textbook, modules, time requirement), see the syllabus.