ETOM Fall Conference 2016

School is a Game… But is it a good game?

Barry J. Fishman

The University of Michigan

We want our students to be deeply engaged with our subject matter. We want them to work hard and take on intellectual challenges. We want them to take risks and try new things. And perhaps most importantly, we want our students to be resilient in the face failure. So why it is that the design of our educational system – including colleges and universities – encourages exactly the opposite behaviors? I propose that our grading and assessment systems are the heart of the problem.

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ETOM Summer 2016 Retreat

June 9 11:30 am Registration & Check In 12 Noon Lunch 1:00-5:00 pm How Do We Know? We will consider the research, literature, an evidence surrounding Online Student Success related to learner engagement, student satisfaction, retention, persistence, and student achievement (GPA). This highly interactive session will include presentations of research material and case studies interspersed […]

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ETOM Fall 2015 Conference

2015 ETOM Fall Conference Nov 6, 2015 Grand Valley State University Mary Idema Pew Library Allendale, MI Kari Frisch is a full-time online Speech Communication instructor at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN. She has done several presentations across the United States as well as conducted webinars for both ITC and D2L Brightspace. For several […]

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